A Sample of Student Theses Completed

  • Hailey Jowanowitch (2017): A Psycholinguistic Account for Korean Word-spacing Errors
  • Caleb Metcalf (2017): Boy Meets Girl, Boy, Girl: Subverting Master Narratives in the Web Series MANN/FRAU
  • Jessica Willis (2017): Sticks and Stones: A Linguistic Analysis of the Pragmatic Tools Used in Emotionally Abusive Language
  • Kelly Dunn (2017): Narrative Constructions of Collective Memory: Representing the Armed Conflict in Colombia
  • Caitlin Ostrowski (2017): There’s Nothin’ to It: the ING variable, Hitchcock, James Stewart and the American Postwar Crisis of Masculinity Language
  •  Aureanna Hakenson (2015): Student Attitudes Toward English Language Variation in Higher Education
  •  Sierra Francis (2015): Mohawk and Cherokee Language Revitalization: Overview, Assessment, and Challenges
  •  Benjamin Woodworth (2015): Media Discourse Surrounding MH17 in the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict of 2013-14
  •  Kelitah Armstrong (2014): Dialect Attitudes and Prestige Values among Korean Dialects
  •  Ryan Kotowski (2014): Reanalysis of Modern Colloquial French Subjects Clitics as Agreement Features
  •  Will Tanenbaum (2013): Immaculate Perceptions: a Study in Comparative, Subjective Dialectal Impressions